show me the way (to go home)

If you'd like to record an MP3 through your own means and email it to us, or if you have any questions, the address to write to is:-

By contributing, you agree that a small number of your sentences can be used anonymously in the final project. If you don't even want the artists to know your name or email address, that's fine, just skip it or make something up. (The project will open as part of the Dislocate exhibition on the 24th of July 2007 - we'll contact everyone a while in advance and let you know what it was all about, and whether your particular recording was used or not. If you're leaving a phone message, you can tell us your email address if you'd like us to get back in touch.)

Show Me The Way (To Go Home) is a joint project between Lori Amor and Kevan Davis, launched in June 2007. If you've got any questions, drop us an email.